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Meghalaya, or "Abode of the clouds", comprises Khasi, Jaintia and Garo hills that are rich in biodiversity. They have the thickest surviving forests in the country in which there are several sanctuaries where flora and fauna of a myriad species exist. The state provides immense opportunities for adventure in the very lap of nature. A major attraction is the presence of about 500 natural limestone caves which people come from far and wide to see.

General Information

  • Latitudes : Latitude 20° 1' N & 26° 5' N
  • Longitudes : 85° 49' E & 92° 52' E
  • Area : 22,429 Square Kilometers
  • Population : 2306069 (2001 census)
  • Sex Ratio : 975 (Females per ‘000 Males)
  • Capital : Shillong
  • Districts : 7
  • Districts’ Names : East Khasi Hills District, West Khasi Hills District, Jaintia Hills District, Ri - Bhoi District, West Garo Hills District, East Garo Hills District, South Garo Hills District
  • Police Station : 26
  • Literacy : 63.31%
  • Languages : Garo, Khasi, English
  • Forest Area : 8,510 Square Kilometers
  • Average Rainfall : 1200 cm per annum
  • Temperature : Average 18° C - 20° C
  • Highest Point : Shillong Peak (1965 meters)
  • North Border : Goalpara, Kamrup and Nagaon districts of Assam
  • South & West Border : Bangladesh
  • East Border : Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills districts of Assam
  • Major Tribes : Khasi Jaintia and Garo

Places to See in Meghalaya

Shillong- the capital city of Meghalaya, Cherrapunjee, Mawsynram, Jakrem, Nongpoh, Tura, Nongstoin, Jaintia Hills, Khasi Hills, Mawphinag, Nartiang, Botanical Survey of India Orchardium, Dawki, Umngot, Creek, Pamsutia Canyon

Adventure Activities in Meghalaya

Trekking: Weiloi to Ponkung - Mawlyngot - Smit - Pynursla.

Boating: Water Sports Complex 16 kms away from Shillong, Orchid Lake, Ward Lake (Shillong), Thadlaskein Lake (Shillong)

River Rafting: Didram - Kalu - Ringgi - Chagua - Ajagar - Krishnai

Angling: Ranikor

Golfing: Shilong ('Gleneagle of the East')

Festivals and Fairs of Meghalaya

  • Shad Suk Mynsiem (April)
  • Behdienkhlam (July)
  • The Laho Dance Festival (July)
  • Chambil Mesara or Pomelo Dance Festival (October)
  • Nongkrem Dance Festival (November)
  • Wangala (Nov to Dec)
  • Doregata Dance Festival

Waterfalls in Meghalaya

  • Elephant Falls (Shillong)
  • Crinoline Falls (Shillong)
  • Spread Eagle Falls (Shillong)
  • Sweet Falls (Near Happy Valley)
  • Imilchang Dare (Near Chokpot-Tura Road)
  • Nohkalikai Falls (Near Cherrapunjee)
  • Bishop and Beadon Falls (Shillong)

Wildlife of Meghalaya

  • Balpakram Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Nokrek Biosphere Reserve (Garo Hills district)
  • Siju Cave

Pilgrimage / Places of worship in Meghalaya

  • Goddess Durga Temple (Jaintia Hills District)
  • Matri Temple (Shillong)
  • Mahadev Khola Dham (Cherrapunjee)
  • Batty Ryngnga Church (Shillong)
  • Godfrey Fernandes church (Shillong)
  • Mawkhar Presbyterian Church (Shillong)

Art and Crafts of Meghalaya

  • Weaving
  • Metal Works
  • Wood and Stone Carvings
  • Basketry

Dance and Music of Meghalaya

Nongkrem dance (Shillong), Shad Suk Mynsiem (Khasi Hills), Behdienkhlam, Wangala, Dorsegata Dance, Lahoo Dance

Cuisine of Meghalaya

Pork, Nakham Bitchi (Soup), Preserved Fish/Meat, Jadoh, Jastem, Mylliem chicken, Dohkhlieh, Dohneiiong, Tungrymbai, Pumaloi, Pukhlein, Pudoh

Connectivity of Meghalaya

By Air: Meghalaya has the only airport near Umiam Lake near Shillong. Umiam is 30 kms from Shillong and a 1 hr. drive. There is a regular helicopter service between Guwahati and Shillong. Six days operation of ATR from Kolkata to Shillong is there except Friday.

By Rail: The state does not have any train service. The nearest railway station is in Guwahati.

By Road: Road Network in the state is quite efficient and covers the state conveniently. National Highway 40 is an all-weather road running through the state. The road connects Shillong with Guwahati, which in turn is connected to other major cities in the rest of the country.

Important Information

STD Code : Shillong 0364, Tura 03651, Cherrapunjee 03637, Jaintia Hills 03562

Summer : March to May
Monsoon : May to September
Post-Monsoon : October to November
Winter : November to February

Main Languages : Khasi, Garo, Jaintia, English

Shillong Shillong is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India and the capital city of the Meghalaya State as well as the district headquarter of the East Khasi Hill District. The name Shillong is derived from U-shyllong, a powerful...
Umium Lake
Umium Lake Situated at a distance of 17 kilometers from Shillong, the Umiam Water Sports Complex has been developed upon the reservoir of the Umiam Hydro Electric Project. It forms the perfect painting for a cheerless room, what with the...
Cherrapunje (Sohra)
Cherrapunje (Sohra) 56 kilometers south west of Shillong situated at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level, Cherapunjee still continue to be the wettest place on earth with more than 12,000 mm of rain annually, from June to October Cherrapunjee...
Mawsynram 55 kilometers from Shillong is closely rival of Cherrapunjee in annual rainfall. Mawsynram located about 9 kilometers west of Cherrapunji appears to be the wettest place in the world or the place with the highest average annual rainfallIts...
Ranikor One the banks of river Jadukata close to Bangladesh. Ranikor is a beautiful place. This area is famous for abundance of Mahseers. The dark blue deep water of Jadukata offers ample scope for water sports. One of the best fishing spots...
Mairang Mairang is a sub - divisional headquarters and it is located halfway in between Shillong – Nongstoin Highway. 40 kilometers from Shillong, capital of Nongkhlaw states. 12 kilometers from Mairang lays the imposing Kyllang rock....
Dawki Traveling from Shillong to the international trade route border town of Dawki is a splendid drive of 95 kilometers passing through deep gorges and ravines, which is certainly a thrilling experience. On approaching Dawki is the Umngot River,...
Jowai 64 kilometers from Shillong is the administrative headquarters of Jaintia Hills as well as the commercial centre. It is situated along side the Myntdu River which encircles two thirds of this ever expanding township. It is 1 ½ hour...
Tura Tura is 325 kilometers from Shillong. It is the head quarter of Garo hills.  It has a picturesque and untouched landscape of hills against a backdrop of low lying plains. With the mighty river Brahmaputra sweeping curves as it flows...
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This place is also called as the ‘queen of the hills’. This place is invariably a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Kaziranga NP

Kaziranga NP

Kaziranga National Park is a Oldest and the most famous sanctuary in Assam bounded by the Brahmaputra river and the Mikir hills in the Golaghat...



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